Retail Store Operations Case Study

  • [+]The role of stakeholders

    This case study explores the relationship between Amway and its stakeholders. — Edition 13

  • [+]Corporate Social Responsibility

    This case study describes how the work Amway does with UNICEF supports its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. — Edition 12

  • [+]Creating a corporate social responsibility strategy

    This case study helps students understand strategies for meeting stakeholders' needs. — Edition 11

  • [+]Meeting global responsibilities by caring for communities

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, Students should be able to: know the meaning of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), give examples of CSR activities, understand the importance to business of being involved with communities on a local and global scale. — Edition 10

  • [+]Meeting customers' needs through the Internet

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able toidentify key elements involved in setting up a commercial website, explain how using electronic media helps organisations to meet customer needs, understand how the Internet can be used to support customers. — Edition 9

  • [+]Combining an offline and online business

    This case study looks at how Amway has developed a strategy for taking full advantage of the opportunities that the Internet offers for e-commerce within the UK and the rest of Europe. It also explains the relationship between Amway and Independent Business Owners and the benefits of direct selling. — Edition 8

  • [+]Developing competitive marketing strategies

    This case study illustrates how Amway, after analysing its business operations and performance, moved its business forward by choosing an appropriate marketing strategy. — Edition 7

  • [+]Focusing a brand product range

    This case study looks at how Amway has invested in research and development to create one of its most successful lines - hair care products. — Edition 6

  • [+]Maintaining The Competitiveness Of A Global Brand

    This case study examines this growth which has helped Amway to become one of the industry's market-leaders influenced by changing lifestyles, demographics and economic recession. — Edition 5

  • [+]Successful products - successful solutions

    This case study focuses on the launch of a new cleaning product by Amway. It considers some of the processes which are essential to the successful launch of a product, such as the marketing strategy for the product, the product's positioning, the launch strategy and post-launch analysis. — Edition 4

  • [+]Using communications to develop business opportunities

    This case study focuses on how Amway uses a range of communication methods and processes to help individual distributors develop their own business opportunities. — Edition 3

  • [+]Reaching customers through direct selling

    This case study focuses on Amway and the success it has achieved using the oldest form of distribution - direct selling. — Edition 2

  • Source: St. Michael Strategies

    By Matt Pillar, Integrated Solutions For Retailers magazine

    Tenacious monitoring of associate scheduling, sales, and store traffic drives operations at la Vie en Rose, a 150-store Canadian retailer of lingerie and swimwear. By analyzing correlations among these metrics, the company applies precise adjustments that drive profits at the store level. "Focusing on any of these key performance indicators (KPIs) autonomously results in something less than a complete picture of the business," says VP of business technology Madeleine Doucet.

    Monitoring sales wasn't a problem for the company, but improving sales by honing associate schedules to match store traffic was. That's why in early 2010, Doucet led an effort to upgrade the company's manual scheduling and timekeeping effort prior to a traffic counting implementation. The retailer chose the Web-based TimeZone workforce management system from ITR. "This implementation allowed us to manage schedules by store-level tasks, which was important leading up to the integration of store traffic counting," explains Doucet.


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