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An EOD Bot (Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robot) is a small portable robot, usually mounted on tracks or wheels, that is used by law enforcement and militaries for the safe disarming/disposal of explosives such as mines, Improvised Explosive Devices and other dangers that would threaten a human's life. They benefit from their small size, allowing them to access difficult locations, but often can find themselves slowed by difficult terrain.

Battlefield 3Edit


Unlocked at

25000 Engineer score

Special feature

Onboard Repair tool
EOD defusal
Monochrome day-vision camera
Can arm M-Coms

"A remotely controlled Explosive Ordinance Disposal robot allows the engineer to repair and damage vehicles like a normal repair tool, but can also arm and disarm explosives and MCOM stations in Rush. "

โ€” Battlelog description

The EOD Bot is a gadget featured in Battlefield 3, issued to the Engineer kit. It has to be deployed on flat ground, similar to the MAV. The primary roles of the EOD Bot are to repair friendly vehicles, dispose of enemy explosives, and to arm/disarm M-COM.

The small size and speed of the EOD Bot makes it very useful for rushing to objectives, as it can move through secluded areas quickly, but the speed of the Bot is negated slightly by the loud motor noise of the Bot, and the fact that it is difficult to control, constantly oversteering at slower speeds and understeering at higher speeds. The EOD Bot will be affected by terrain, especially in rocky places, where the bot will be almost impossible to control properly. The operator will also need to beware of obstacles while using the EOD Bot, as they might get the EOD Bot temporary stuck.

It also has very little armor to protect itself - it can be destroyed by one shot from either a SMAW or an RPG-7V2 rocket, and takes significant damage from small arms. However, like most vehicles, it can regenerate its health. It cannot be disabled, merely being destroyed in the first place. If destroyed, the player can get more from ammo boxes.

The blowtorch mounted on the EOD Bot can also be used to injure or kill opposing troops, which can be especially useful if trying to arm/disarm an objective, and the camera is also able to spot enemies in the game. If the player wish to get kill with the EOD Bot, the best way is to use it against camping enemy player, instead using the knife, deploy directly behind them that the player won't risk oversteering. If the player can control its speed and movement, flank the enemy; try to avoid being spotted as the EOD Bot is vulnerable, being found too early usually result in giving enemy player free points.

HUD displayEdit

In the upper-left corner can be seen:

  • The vehicle's heading
  • GPS latitude and longitude
  • The actuator arm's elevation

In the bottom can be seen:

  • The time of day
  • Range in meters to crosshair target

Battlefield 4Edit

This Section is currently under construction. It may contain little or inaccurate information.


Unlocked at

85000 Engineer score

"Remote-controlled Explosive Ordnance Disposal which can repair friendly vehicles, sabotage enemy assets, disarm explosives, and arm or disarm Rush objectives."

โ€” In-game description

The EOD Bot is a gadget featured in Battlefield 4, remaining largely unchanged from the Battlefield 3 counterpart. Its increased stability has made it a more effective gadget. It gains a small Flash Light that the user can switch on or off. The EOD Bot can also trigger certain switches that are within reach of its blowtorch.


  • The EOD Bot in Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 is clearly based on the TALON EOD Robot.
  • The time of day that is shown on the EOD Bot's camera in both games is the time that is programmed to the Greenwich Mean Time zone.

Battlefield 3Edit

  • A special minimap icon shows the location of friendly EOD Bots, as well as spotted enemy EOD bots.
  • A kill with EOD Bot is needed to complete the My Own Terminator assignment, which unlocks the MTAR-21.
  • 10 pieces of enemy equipment (such as the MAV, T-UGS, SOFLAM and Radio Beacon) need to be destroyed by the EOD Bot to complete the MTAR-21 Specialist assignment.
  • After the April 2012 server patch, the EOD Bot inflicts greatly increased damage against vehicles, but may not survive the vehicle's explosion.
  • The EOD Bot does not take fall damage whatsoever.[1]

Battlefield 4Edit

  • Pressing Fire also performs the Use command simultaneously, which is how the EOD Bot is coded to (dis)arm Rush objectives. This also allows the EOD Bot to trigger switches such as bollard controls.
    • Firing on a friendly supply drop allows the user to remotely change their kit. However, the player will continue using the EOD Bot until they exit remote control or it is destroyed.[2]
  • The EOD Bot's flashlight has a distinct purple tint.
  • In Obliteration, the EOD Bot can defuse an armed bomb, but cannot carry it.
  • The EOD Bot can also be used while it is in shallow water.[3]

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If you've had any time at all to play Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth, you've likely stumbled upon or been shot by something called the R.A.W.R. This new Battle Pickup is perhaps the most fun in the game, but can also be the most frustrating to use if the circumstances aren't ideal. Today, we're going to tell you where you can find the R.A.W.R, as well as share some tips that might help you score a few kills with it.

How Do I Use the R.A.W.R.?

This bad boy is found in Battle Pickups laying around the four new multiplayer maps that came out with Dragon's Teeth. While we don't have exact numbers, they spawn in the same place every match. This means that once you find one, you'll be able to return to that location game after the game to take another crack at it.

For example, if you're looking at the Conquest Large map of Propaganda, there is a R.A.W.R. in the building near the E objective, and another one near the monument of the A objective. Head to one of those areas and look for an icon that shows a briefcase with a star inside of it. When you approach, an on-screen prompt will inform you of what key or button is required to pick up the R.A.W.R.

Check out this video that shows several locations where you can find this Battle Pickup. We can't confirm this is all of them, but it's a great start.

I found the R.A.W.R., now what?

What you have now is basically an EOD Bot that has been knee deep in performance enhancing drugs. It controls like an EOD Bot, which is to say it's a bit on the wonky side, but it has some pretty amazing firepower.

The first option you have is the machine gun, which comes fully loaded with 600 rounds. The catch is that you can't just spam an endless amount of fire. This weapons can overheat, much the same way as the mini-guns on the Transport Helicopter. If that happens, give it a second to cool down before you continue.

The second weapon you have, which seems to be somewhat less useful, is a Grenade Launcher. It comes with an ammunition capacity of 12, and can be accessed the same way that you would normally swap between your primary and secondary weapons. Be warned, however, the grenades do very little damage unless you get a direct hit, so make sure you rely heavily on the machine gun and using the grenades for suppression.

Of course, once you're out of bullets and bombs, it's time to put the toys away and get back to work.

What is the Benefit of the R.A.W.R.?

Because this Battle Pickup is remote controlled, you can defend or attack without actually putting yourself in danger. If the R.A.W.R. is destroyed, that's no skin off your back. Basically, as long as somebody doesn't stumble over your body as you're hiding in a corner, it's a completely safe option.

Of course, the other reason you have to use it relates to an assignment. While Remote Operator doesn't unlock any weapons, it does award players who complete it a unique Dog Tag. So really, you don't have to use the R.A.W.R., but if you're an assignment junkie like we are, it's not optional.

Check out the video above where popular Battlefield YouTube commentator, Matimi0, talks about his love hate relationship with this device of destruction.

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